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The most accurate, advanced version of Duel Monsters arrives! Duel against dozens of opponents from the TV show or challenge your friends. Import cards from the Official TCG (over 800 cards in all) to boost your deck. Complete your card collection and create the ultimate deck to enter the World Championship Tournament! Includes 3 Limited Edition official game cards.


You play as a duelist trying to make a name for himself in the
dueling world. You get to decide between three different decks,
each containing their own unique and valuable cards. Then it's time
to duel against numerous characters from the hit anime show, such
as Joey and Bakura. As you win more and more duels, stronger cards
will become available to help strengthen your deck and you'll have
the ability to duel against stronger opponents. There are also
tournaments that give very nice cards to the victor, so be sure not
to pass those up.


  • Over 800 cards full of new monsters, magic and traps!

  • Yugi, Kaiba, Joey and all your favorites from the TV show!

  • 3 Limited Edition Official Game Cards Inside!

Editor's Note:

Titled "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 5 Expert 1" in Japan.

Added on: September 12, 2002

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