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Prepare for the Battle City Tournament which is held by Seto Kaiba. Battle your way to the finals while gaining Locator Cards, and even the Egyptian God Cards. Use advanced tactics, and Card Effects to defeat your enemies, and gain powerful cards.


  • Over 900 cards including new, more powerful cards

  • Challenge over 100 duelists and rivals to battle

  • Explore a vast city with areas such as the graveyard and Kaiba Corp

  • Duel with the three "Egyptian God Cards"

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The worst game ever I got it for cheap and I knew why it was cheap cause the rules are wrong. YuGiOhTheSacredCards GBA

You get to walk around battle city and duel your favorite people from the show...


This is the first Yu-gi-oh game i've Played for GBA. Its actually a very good game,...


Well, the game came close to being excellent. There are many errors, and if this game...


Duelists grab your deck there's a new challenge in Battle City. You can finally walk...

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