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Bond makes his first appearance on the GBA in an adventure game based on the motion picture. Follow the plot through 7 environments. Make use of a lethal arsenal of 15 weapons and handy gadgets essential to your success in the art of spycraft. What's more, you'll be able to interface the GBA game with the N64 version to enhace the N64's multiplayer experience.


  • Fast, fluid action and spy-packed gameplay based on the film's exciting storyline
  • Progress through eight environments based on movie locales, such as a Russian submarine and the streets of London
  • Utilize more than 15 Q-lab weapons and gadgets to accomplish your goal
  • Meet recognizable movie characters such as Dr. Christmas Jones, M and Renard
  • Five different power-ups, including access cards, health, ammunition, weapons and gadgets
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Dark Assassin
Jul 16, 09 6:51am
Still can't unlock Renard with a black suit... :( TheWorldIsNotEnough PS2
May 31, 09 10:54pm
good game, n64 version was much better though TheWorldIsNotEnough PS2
Mar 05, 09 1:40am
Tacky In game movies TheWorldIsNotEnough PS2
Feb 15, 09 5:27am
Also have 007 Golden eye which isnt listed. TheWorldIsNotEnough PS2
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