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Dr. Bruce Banner was once exposed to a high dose of radiation and as a side effect, his anger causes him to turn green and powerful... into the Incredible Hulk! Playing as the famous character from the Marvel Comic, you must battles against a variety of enemies who want to do evil things in the world, your job is to stop them by chanelling your anger at the right times to unleash your power.

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thewatermeloncult played The Incredible Hulk
Oct 16, 10 6:06pm
A somewhat enjoyable game, with some terrible graphics and cut scenes. TheIncredibleHulk
Aug 16, 09 11:44am
ultimate destruction TheIncredibleHulk
Jun 07, 09 7:24pm
It's better then the first one. TheIncredibleHulk
May 01, 09 5:43pm
A very good game! TheIncredibleHulk
the duel king
Nov 15, 08 2:38am
im only listing a few cuz i hav mor dan 437 movies TheIncredibleHulk
Nov 04, 08 8:25am
ABOMINATION DOMINATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TheIncredibleHulk
Sep 15, 08 5:45am
Pretty easy, pretty fun, smashin' things. :) TheIncredibleHulk
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