The Bible Game is a quiz based game which uses the Bible as the source content for it's questions. In a Jeopardy style format contestants answer questions to try and get the most points and win the game outright. There is also the odd smattering of mini games thrown in to the mix. These games are based on different bible themes such as the great flood.


You know how you are supposed to keep your mind on God wherever you go? Now you can do just that while you play The Bible Game on your portable Gameboy Advance. This new game by Crave puts your video gaming skills and Bible knowledge to the test in action and quiz challenges for all ages. It's interactive fun on the go. Don't leave home without it.


  • Combines action / adventure with Biblical trivia challenges.
  • Play as either Billy or Jenny on their quest to collect the Armor of God.
  • 1500 questions from both the Old and New Testaments.
  • Stories, teachings and personalities from the Bible are intertwined with video game excitement.
  • 7 Levels including a forest, snowy tundra, a desert, and a tropical island.
  • 3 Difficulty Levels (Easy, Medium, Hard).

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