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Maneuver your monkey across 60+ stages filled with barriers and bumps. With party games and multiple game modes, Super Monkey Ball could be the most "well-rounded" game you've ever played.


Tilt the stages just right and your monkey will zip down ramps, launch across a vast ocean, and maneuver through party games galore. Because they inhabit a transparent ball, the four versatile monkeys can act as a bowling ball (with pretty impressive spin), golf ball, and billiard ball. And the party doesn't end there! Engage in a variety of competitive races in Monkey Race, boxing in Monkey Fight, and flying in Monkey Target. While you plunge through the various beautiful stages that float high above deep canyons, the clock is running down, so don't take your time negotiating those corners. If you fall off the side, all is not lost; simply scoop up more bananas and once you collect 100, you get another life! As with most monkeys, AiAi, MeeMee, Baby, and Gongon love to play -- and in this case, win! Bring them to victory and you will be treated to their dance of glory


  • Based on the best selling Nintendo GameCube title
  • AiAi, MeeMee, Gon Gon, and Baby make their Game Boy® Advance debut!
  • Over 60 tables filled with steps, bumps, moving platforms, and more!
  • Includes 4 of your favorite party games - Monkey Fight, Monkey Race, and Monkey Golf, and Monkey Bowling
  • Multi-player madness supports up to 4 players with the Link Cable

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KikiRisu and 6 others own Super Monkey Ball Jr.
Feb 29, 12 7:07pm
Player's Choice Edition SuperMonkeyBall GC
Party Pooper
May 12, 10 5:27pm
lol monkey in a ball rolling around its sounds lame but is addicting and fun SuperMonkeyBall GC
Apr 23, 10 3:46am
added a cheat
Mar 18, 09 1:30am
2 is better SuperMonkeyBall GC
Downward Spiral
Oct 30, 08 10:17pm
Suprisingly entertaining game though I don\\\\\\\\ SuperMonkeyBall GC
Jun 27, 08 2:09pm
I love rolling around on the platforms. SuperMonkeyBall GC
superpikmin101 played Super Monkey Ball Jr.
Sep 29, 05 7:01am
good SuperMonkeyBall GC
Zatch Girl
Mar 28, 05 3:48am
I like to race! SuperMonkeyBall GC
azn knight blaze
Aug 25, 04 4:36am
Fun Game SuperMonkeyBall GC
May 26, 04 2:41am
very good SuperMonkeyBall GC
Mar 21, 04 1:10pm

Super Monkey Ball JR is a fun puzzle game to have on your GBA. It is probably...

Jun 30, 03 7:31pm

This game wasn't all I thought it would be. I got the game cheap and thought it would...

  • Genre: Arcade(GBA)
  • Perspective(s): Third Person
  • Developer: Sega
  • Publisher: THQ
  • Released
    North AmericaNov 20, 2002
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