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One night Mario has a strange dream while sleeping. In this dream he saw a very long staircase that ended in a door. When the door was opened a vast new world lay before him. A voice declared the world as Subcon, and pleaded for Mario's help against a villian called Wart.

The next day Mario, Luigi, Toad and the Peach head out for a picnic. When they arrive at the site they spot a cave and investigate. To their surprise they find the same staircase Mario had seen in his dream. So their adventures in the land of Subcon had begun.

In addition to this update of the classic NES game Super Mario Brothers 2 the game also includes a version of the original Mario Brothers game.

Hardware Requirements

  • Gameboy Advance Link-Cable (Using the Gameboy Advance Link-Cable, up to four total players can play the classic Mario Bros. Only one gamepak required)

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    Finally beat it after almost 8 years. SuperMarioAdvance GBA
    An interesting game... Pretty fun but it doesn't feel like Mario. Probably because it isn't... SuperMarioAdvance GBA

    Pretty much every Nintendo console and handheld has had some kind of Mario game help...

    Fun but tricky... Never finished it. SuperMarioAdvance GBA
    Awesome fun. Offers a classic mode too as well as the story mode. Peach's float is by far the best thing ever. SuperMarioAdvance GBA
    a splendid game for when you have some time left. whenever my PC needs to load i play this game on my GBA. SuperMarioAdvance GBA
    again i love mario on the move, and i know all the secrets SuperMarioAdvance GBA
    great game with nice graphics SuperMarioAdvance GBA

    Lastability: 8/10.
    This lasts quite a while. Even though it's watered down from the NES...

    • Genre: Platform (GBA)
    • Perspective(s): Flat side view
    • Developer: Nintendo
    • Publisher: Nintendo
    • Released
      North AmericaJun 11, 2001
      EuropeJun 22, 2001
      JapanMar 21, 2001
    • Player Info:
    • Offline Multi-player (2-4)
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