Super Bust-A-Move features all-new boards filled with the requisite puzzles, characters and animations. As well, transporter belt walls change the path of a shot. Players need to rescue bubble captives. The GBA version features new kinds of bubbles, each with their own gameplay effects.


  • Addictive puzzle game, updated for PlayStation2
  • Thousands of new puzzle boards, characters, and animations
  • All-new secrets like tricky tiny bubbles, trapped bubble captives, and sneaky hidden characters
  • Featuring conveyor-belt walls and changing backgrounds
  • Classic, normal, training, and battle modes

Editor's Note:

This game is also known as Super Puzzle Bobble.

Added on: October 12, 2001

Dec 02, 09 4:42pm

Super Bust a Move for Gameboy Advance.
A wacky, “cute” puzzle game, in the same way...

Aug 05, 03 8:58pm
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