: : : : : Classic NES Series: Super Mario Bros.


Play the original goomba-stompin' Mushroom Kingdom side-scroller that propelled the plumber protagonist to super-stardom. Re-live a classic game with Super Mario Bros. on your Game Boy Advance.


The game plays just like the original version for the NES. You run and jump your way through eight different worlds, each with their own distinctive levels that have to be conquered before reaching the next world. Stomp your enemies or collect power-ups like the Fire Flower to make destroying enemies quicker and easier.


  • The first epic battle between Mario and Bowser.
  • Tons of classic puzzles.
  • Goomba-stomping at its finest.
  • Two players can alternate with a single Game Pak or via Game Boy Advance Game Link Cable.

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I'm trying to get to World 8. This is hard, but it's still a great game, and my dad has it. That's why I own it. SuperMarioBros Wii
In my opinion, nobody is a video game wizard until they beat this game. SuperMarioBros Wii
What can I say about Super Mario Bros.? It's classic gaming at its best. 8/10. SuperMarioBros Wii
Cool game. Never gets boring. SuperMarioBros NES
NO ONE CAN BEAT THE CLASSICS!!!!!!!!!!!!. 10/10 SuperMarioBros Wii
I've only got to about 8-2 in this game. STUPID HAMMER BROTHERS! SuperMarioBros Wii
THE BEST, it doesnt get better, good control, nice graphics, great variety both with worlds and enemies. way ahead of its time SuperMarioBros Wii