Players acquire the role of a movie stuntman who's hired to perform a variety of stunts for numerous Hollywood films. Stunts increase in difficulty and danger as the production costs rise into the hundreds of millions. The skills you have developed as a Hollywood stuntman are put to the test.


  • EXPLOSIVE FILM SET ACTION - stunt drive in 6 famous movie locations
  • 2 GAME MODES - Career and arcade (Stunt Arena) mode.
  • TEST VEHICLES TO DESTRUCTION – smash up a large variety of vehicles, ranging from TukTuks to snowmobiles, Jeeps to high performance sports cars
  • REPLAY MODE – replay the action as a slick, fast paced movie trailer

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Very old game in which you perform stunts (duh). Is fun but can get very irritating at times. Stuntman PS2
From the makers or the hit Driver series comes the great driving game of Stuntman. It offers it's challenges and fun to be had in the... Stuntman PS2
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