Players acquire the role of a movie stuntman who's hired to perform a variety of stunts for numerous Hollywood films. Stunts increase in difficulty and danger as the production costs rise into the hundreds of millions. The skills you have developed as a Hollywood stuntman are put to the test.


  • EXPLOSIVE FILM SET ACTION - stunt drive in 6 famous movie locations
  • 2 GAME MODES - Career and arcade (Stunt Arena) mode.
  • TEST VEHICLES TO DESTRUCTION – smash up a large variety of vehicles, ranging from TukTuks to snowmobiles, Jeeps to high performance sports cars
  • REPLAY MODE – replay the action as a slick, fast paced movie trailer

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May 27, 09 1:13pm
Very old game in which you perform stunts (duh). Is fun but can get very irritating at times. Stuntman PS2
Aug 19, 06 11:43am
not too fond of Stuntman PS2
Dec 29, 04 10:49am
alright game Stuntman PS2
Jun 15, 04 9:33pm
From the makers or the hit Driver series comes the great driving game of Stuntman. It offers it's challenges and fun to be had in the... Stuntman PS2
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7.1 / 10