Discover a colossal mountain where gamers will be immersed in a free-roaming snow paradise in an all-new SSX experience, SSX 3. A unique ascent awaits you, and when you reach the summit the ultimate ride is available: an open mountain to board, explore, and compete on.


The mountain presents gamers with a world of open vistas and fresh powder for open exploration, filled with trick venues, rail parks, racecourses, and unbelievable half-pipes with new tricks to master and new competitors to take on. The SSX team has spent almost two years working to improve the core experience by adding loads of new experiences and ways to play. Buckle up your bindings as a returning veteran or keen new rookie. Get ready to take on other riders-and the biggest challenge yet-the Mountain itself


  • Survive Backcountry Hazards

  • Explore The Open Mountain

  • Dominate Slopestyle, Big Air, Super Pipe, and Race Events
awesome! even better then tricky! SSX3 PS2
favourate series SSX3 PS2
Badly scratched when friend came round. SSX3 PS2
ben 4378 and 1 others own SSX 3
This is awesome! SSX3 PS2
It is really addictive SSX3 PS2
At first, F1D0 was a little pessimistic about having to access different challenges, races, etc. while ON the mountain, but he couldn't... SSX3 PS2
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