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The year is 187 S.E. It has been six months since the DC War against the Divine Crusaders and the L5 Campaign against the aliens known as the Aerogaters. In the aftermath, the Earth Federation Army (EFA) was forced to restructure due to the severe casualties it suffered, even among its leaders. Brian Midcrid, once President of the United Colonies, was elected as the new Earth Federation President. Previously, he had disclosed information on the L5 Conflict to the Federal Assembly. This disclosure, later called "The Tokyo Manifest," revealed the existence of extraterrestrials who posed a threat to the survival of mankind. Since then, President Midcrid has announced the Aegis Project, a plan to rebuild and re-arm the EFA. He has asked for solidarity among all the inhabitants of Earth. In the name of the project, he began to fortify the planet by developing new humanoid mechs and mass-producing them. However, trouble lurks in the shadows... Remnants of the Divine Crusaders, a group once led by Dr. Bian Zoldark, along with individuals in the Federal government and the EFA, are scheming to establish a military state... And the forces working in the shadows, as well as the mysterious entities called "Einsts," will plunge the human race into even greater depths of chaos...
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The Deathwind blogged
Dec 07, 08 1:52pm

(Warning: The following blog post contains copius amounts of giant robot and general nerdery.)

Finally. The end of EX Hard mode is in sight. Episode 42 of 43, but due to my hatred of going out of my way for Battle Masteries I won't be able to go to Episode 43, so for me this is the end. And oh God has it been a hell of a ride. There is a point in any OG2 playthrough where your groups combined awesomeness renders the rest of the game fairly challenge free. For me, this time it was Episode 27 where I discovered Wildwurger L. More specifically, Wildwurger L's Stun Shot. A one use weapon that renders the target immobile for a turn. Sounds useless, right? Wrong. Combined with Armor Breakers, one turn is enough to drag even one of the really strong lategame bosses down to pitiful levels of health. And through this, they can't even counter you or launch an attack on their phase. Yes, that's right, you get an entire turn of absolutely pummeling a boss with no way for them to retaliate. Combine this with Leona Garstein, the only pilot who gets Fury- which lets the next attack bypass any and all shields the target may have- that isn't parading around in a super robot with an epic combination attack (all of which except possibly the Royal Heartbreaker [see header] are essential to any mass sodomising of an endgame bosses), and you have one hell of a gamebreaker.

So satisfying, even if the endgame bosses came down to this procedure:

Cast Strike and Fury on Leona, have her Stun Shot whichever boss needs killng this turn, have Latooni, Ring or Radha cast Enable on Leona, have her cast Fury again, then this time use Armor Break on the poor victim, cast Valor on everyone (and Zeal for those who have it) and Strike on everyone who doesn't have 100% hit rate (or just everyone if the boss has Double Image). Proceed to hit the boss with everything in your arsenal. If it survives, cast Renew on Leona, and have her Strike/Fury/Stun Shot again and continue pummeling. Most everything dies in one or two turns of this, except possibly Neu Reggiseur and Stern Reggiseur, but I won't be seeing Sterny this playthrough (hahaha not enough BMs for Episode 43), and Neu is just a pain in general. Oh well, we live on. Except the poor people that decided that messing with the OG Numbers was a good idea. It just isn't.

On that merry note, I suppose I should write something for those of you who have no idea what the bloody hell I'm talking about. Unfortunately, it's my exams. So far, they've only been slightly harder than a Stunned OG2 boss.

Spanish: Reading was Foundation Tier, writing they let us have dictionaries. Including ones from home if we had them. Cue me with a frackin' huge Collins dictionary and everyone else with the dinky little school dictionaries.

Maths: Maths is my best subject. When we got the scores back, it turned out that over the two papers, half of the year got less than what I got on one. I don't parade this around too much for fear of being lynched.

RE: So, uh, not mentioning any form of deity at all still gets me a B. I love how certain people belive religious belivers share their faith by "Islamic suicide bombers". No, someone actually wrote that. Mind you, I'm not much better, since I was resisting the urge to write "send the bloody Jehovas witnesses to your doorstep" for that question. Oh well. I've played that card already this year.

English: Actually nearly finished this one, unlike every single other English paper I've ever done. However, GRR FIVE MORE LINES. FIVE. >:E

Science: Haven't had this back yet, should have it tomorrow. I don't think I did horribly, but I was annoyed when I found out the relevance of the photography question (hey look, photography is coming back to haunt me!).

History: Not yet, that exam is on Tuesday.

Graphic Products: Not yet, that exam is on Wednesday. I know I'm failing this one, though. =\

Next post to come whenever the hell I feel like it. Time to go back to Episode 42 and the uploading of Header V2.

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