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Spyro's third game on the GBA will have more RPG like features than previous titles. You get to play as 3 different characters, Spyro (the Dragon), Agent 9 (Space Monkey) and Sgt. Byrd (Penguin). There will also be more unique items, and an unlockable multiplayer game.


  • Action adventure with RPG elements

  • Explore new lands, complete quests and collect useful items

  • Tons of new abilities for Spyro

  • Play as 3 different characters: Spyro, Agent 9 or Sgt. Byrd

  • For 1 or 2 players
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I hate going against Ripto again, but awsome SpyroAttackOfTheRhynocs GBA
Not as good as Season of Ice or Flame. But it is alright. SpyroAttackOfTheRhynocs GBA

This game is great! It comes with a GBA SP skin to make it look like your in the...

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