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Spyro the dragon is back for another GBA adventure in Season of Flame. All of the Fireflies in the Dragon Realms have been captured, and Spyro (along with Agent 9 and Sheila the Kangaroo) must set off on an all-new journey to a fiery island. Guide Spyro through 20 levels, and master new breath attacks and moves to rescue the fireflies and restore flame to the Dragon Realms.


  • 3-D action/platform game

  • Team up with Hunter and Sparx

  • Save Zoe and the frozen fairies before time runs out

  • 30 levels

  • For 1 player

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Spyro 2: Season of Flame for the Gameboy Advance. The sequel to the predecessor,...

not too special but decent. Spyro2SeasonOfFlame GBA
Gotta catch the damn fireflys Spyro2SeasonOfFlame GBA
I hate what has been done to Spyro. I coudn Spyro2SeasonOfFlame GBA
It is good, but I like Season of Ice better. Spyro2SeasonOfFlame GBA
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