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U.S. troops become embroiled in a conflict between the East Timorese government and Indonesian guerrillas. Militia leader Suhadi Sadono has made himself untouchable.

Deployed by a top-secret wing of the NSA (National Security Agency) known as Third Echelon, Sam Fisher is a lone field operative supported by a remote team. He's charged with saving the world, and it's a high-stakes game. If he fails, the U.S. will deny any knowledge of his existence.

Fisher must defend and assist the U.S. military until Sadono can be neutralized and the guerrilla faction decapitated.


<li type="square">First Stealth Action multiplayer game, online component offers unique gameplay that will create its own genre online.
<li type="square">New threat, deeper plot, deeper characters, global adventure. Online and Offline stories are tightly bound together. Written by JT Petty, original SC writer. This storyline is packed with tension.
<li type="square">New moves, new gadgets, improved visual effects and new gameplay situations: the perfect Splinter Cell that fans have been waiting for.


  • New GBA multilayer management used to revolutionize the stealth action genre.
  • New Sam Fisher action moves including sneak, force cooperation, human shield, grab enemies, floor roll, and the capability to hide in the shadows and behind objects and walls.
  • New, improved enemy AI.
  • 14 minigames and 22 objectives.
  • 3 silent scope game modes: Camera Shoot, Sniper, and Laser Mic.
  • Night and thermal vision that can now be used everywhere at any time.

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Ralbycs played Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow
A very fun espionage game that makes use of fun high-tech gear. Overall, it is an enjoyable game with some slight bugs. TomClancysSplinterCellPandoraTomorrow PS2
One of the originals of the series breaching the game between the original and one that had all the new features. TomClancysSplinterCellPandoraTomorrow PS2
Continuing the story, amazing graphics TomClancysSplinterCellPandoraTomorrow PS2
great game. online is also impressive. metal gear solid could still kick it's ass though. XD TomClancysSplinterCellPandoraTomorrow PS2

This game is alright as a 2D steath adventure. The graphics are certainly the best...

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