Sonic Battle Own / Want List

Username Comments
LZ Schneider None
dragonclawz None
Gregory2590 None
yecnuahc None
Giga Bowser None
LightningThedgehog None
Ultimate Gogeta None
Rheneas None
Fiirestorm None
MadShadow None
Sonicspeedos None
SwordsLink None
dragonfangz None
KnucklesStorm None
Navigator Bass None
CrystalLaser None
Chaos Android17 None
Calvat None
SSpeedy None
Midnight Phoenix None
Doughedgehog You get to beat up knuckles YAY!!!
BlazinFaze None
Neon the Chao Shadow, Chaos, and Emerl rule!
DougDanmana i bloody love this game!
Fefnir Phantom Emerl died...:(:(:(:(
ThongomanHalo2 None
sponge72 None
KirbyHyrule None
koutsiog None
Shadow Bob32 None
Fu None
zapper111 an ok game
Avarice15 None
tehroflcake None
ProtoHero7 None
yugioh master 999 None
abcThief None
shadx Not completed, but I know a lot on this game
SonicDrawer None
superpikmin101 ...
Shadowscar None
Travis789 None
megaman zx None
Shawn Yasumara None
ADudeck None
Spaf289 None
Amethyst10 In actuallity, my brother owns this.
LessarisTheHedge None
Darkhyperchaos None
ShadowCrystallux None