Sonic Advance Code Breaker Codes

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Best Time Possible (GBA) North America

This code give you the best possible time at the end of each level.

83005034 0001

Infinite Rings (GBA) North America

This code, as the title states, gives you infinite rings.

83004FEC 03E7

Infinite Lives (GBA) North America

This code gives Sonic infinite lives

33005024 000A

Quick Score Gain (GBA) North America

This code makes your score accumulate very quickly.

83005030 FFFF

Maximum Score (GBA) North America

This code gives you the max possible score at the end of each level.

83005030 967F
83005032 0098

Play As Different Characters (GBA) North America

33005084 0000

33005084 0001

33005084 0002

33005084 0003