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Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2 will be a GBA remake of the first SNES Mario title, Super Mario World (just as the first Mario Advance was a remake of the SNES version of Super Mario Bros. 2). This sequel will feature yet another update to the classic arcade game "Mario Bros." (also in Mario Advance) for more multiplayer options on the go!

Hardware Requirements

<li type="square">Gameboy Advance Link-Cable (Using the Gameboy Advance Link-Cable, up to four total players can play the classic Mario Bros. Only one gamepak required)

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Ah Mario, your platforming gems are so often precisely that. After storming the NES...

Done ages ago, but still sometimes like to play it because it's awesome SuperMarioAdvance2SuperMarioWorld GBA
Going beyond this and into ROM hacks, this actual game leaves no challenge at this point. *Save State 01* SuperMarioAdvance2SuperMarioWorld GBA
almost done. Im on the level you need to beat right before you get into world seven. SuperMarioAdvance2SuperMarioWorld GBA
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