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Create your own world and characters in the unique world of the Sims. Control everything that goes on in your town. Build the smallest house or go collosal and build a mansion. Furnish each home with over 150 new objects to choose from. Give your players a job with new fields of employement including a diving instructor and a pizza chef. Even unlock a secret level when you use the GBA and Gamecube connectivity.


Players create a character (or characters) and build their house for them, pick their jobs, tell them when and where to eat, etc., essentially guiding them through each step of their life, whether it be a troubling relationship move, the newest promotion, or even a marriage proposal, The Sims Bustin' Out allows for total control over a character that one creates. This new addition also allows characters to unlock all new levels, and choose from additional career paths. Also, Busin' Out will see players pitted against one another in intense competition, or harmonious unity.


  • Connectivity with the Nintendo GameCube Version: Download and play with your Nintendo GameCube Sim in the Game Boy Advance world. This feature lets you obtain Simoleons and improve skills to bring back to the Nintendo GameCube version. You can also unlock a concealed game cabinet that gives your Sims access to mini-games that you can play on your Game Boy Advance.
  • Exclusive Content: There are 26 exclusive locations, 8 new career mini-games, all-new characters to interact with, and over 150 objects to trade and collect.
  • For the first time in franchise history, use the Control Pad to directly control your Sim.
  • Keep your Sim happy by monitoring his motives and fulfilling his basic needs.
  • Complete missions all over SimValley in your quest to move into the biggest house.
  • Engage in conversations to bargain with merchants for new items for your house, chat with friends, and insult those who deserve it.
  • New career-based mini-games keep the experience fresh, demanding quick reflexes to earn simoleons, rewards, and career advancement.
  • Connect with another Game Boy Advance using the Link Cable for a two-player mode that lets you unlock and trade new items.
  • Never part with your Sim again!
Feb 25, 15 12:21pm
Wish they would do a remake, loved it. TheSimsBustinOut GBA
poppy34 and 41 others own The Sims Bustin' Out
Jun 15, 14 7:16pm
added a cheat
kajikoujou and 11 others played The Sims Bustin' Out
Aug 13, 12 6:13am
this game is the best TheSimsBustinOut PS2
Dec 29, 10 2:59am
It's the sims with a story line. TheSimsBustinOut Xbox
Jul 22, 10 12:47pm
Killing sims FTW. TheSimsBustinOut PS2
Miltons Girl
Dec 16, 09 9:58am
doesn't end TheSimsBustinOut PS2
Sep 21, 09 3:48am
added a cheat
Jun 01, 09 10:16am
added 2 cheats
Feb 01, 09 11:13am
It'll probably be better than The Original Xbox Sims. TheSimsBustinOut PS2
Feb 01, 09 8:27am
The best console Sims game. TheSimsBustinOut PS2
Jan 19, 09 10:35am
A cool game a can't bear the thought of not playing it but I must suffer that,I've played it twice TheSimsBustinOut PS2
Jan 15, 09 5:53am
It's cool. TheSimsBustinOut PS2
Jan 13, 09 3:54pm
8 out of 10 TheSimsBustinOut PS2
Jan 04, 09 3:17pm
broken! TheSimsBustinOut PS2
Oct 06, 08 5:09am
added a cheat
Aug 26, 08 5:04am
A fair cool game. If you are a PS2 Sims fan then this is a must have. TheSimsBustinOut PS2
Aug 24, 08 9:49pm
great TheSimsBustinOut PS2
Aug 24, 08 9:47pm
okay TheSimsBustinOut PS2
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