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Sega Smash Pack includes three classic Sega games together on one cartridge: Ecco the Dolphin, Golden Axe and Sonic Spinball. In Ecco the Dolphin, players must use Ecco's speed, sonar, and mammalian instincts to rescue the other dolphins and save the world! Jump, slash, charge, roll, and cast magical spells to save the kingdom from evil in Golden Axe. Help Sonic defeat the Evil Doctor Robotnik in Sonic Spinball, a combination of Sonic gameplay and pinball action.


  • Three games
  • Classic excitement
  • Awesome graphics
  • Amazing sound effects
  • Single-player action

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Sonic Spinball: In this game you play as a very AOSTH (Adventures of Sonic the...

Sep 22, 03 1:47am
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Well, to begin with, Golden Axe is a great game. If you like fighting/action games,...

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