Sabreman is back and on the trail of his lifelong nemesis, the Sabrewulf, in this all new GBA adventure that harkons back to the 1984 classic of the same name, Sabre Wulf. The Wulf is stealing all the valuables of the land, and it's up to Sabreman to end this once and for all. Round up animal allies you can dispatch into the Wulf's dens to help navigate tricks, traps and fiendish obstacles thrown in your path - deciding which of the creatures to use and where is half the challenge!


  • Sabreman and Sabrewulf come to a new generation of gamers! Rare's classic franchise comes to handheld systems for the first time!
  • A truly unique adventure combining 2D and 3D gameplay spread across action-packed layers and levels
  • Find and control a menagerie of magical creatures whose powers are the key to surviving traps, obstacles, and the dreaded Sabrewulf

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Added on: June 01, 2001

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