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Robopon makes its GBA debut with an all new story, improved graphics and 4 player multiplayer. Participate in an all new time-traveling adventure 3 times larger than the original! Collect over 180 new Robopon! Find new parts and software for upgrading your Robopon. New Sparking System allows you and a friend to connect via the GBA Game Link cable to create new Robopon. Personalize your Robopon! The Ring Version provides a quicker play-through of the game, and requires less fighting.


  • Dozens of collectible robots
  • Compatibility with Cross Version
  • Intense strategy
  • Plenty of characters
  • Two-player action.

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Cary V owns Robopon 2: Ring Version
Cary V
Jun 17, 09 5:31pm
One of my favorite RPGs. Robopon2RingVersion GBA
Cary V played Robopon 2: Ring Version
golden sun freak
Mar 04, 05 5:22am

its hard for me to explain the story.if u buy the game youll learn the story.ill try...

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