Players drop into battle with 30 missions and numerous side quests amongst 3 cities in Hell County. A dynamic reputation system decides how the world reacts to the way players perform missions, kill and maim citizens, destroy vehicles and build alliances with local gangs. Players collect salvaged parts – which upgrade the 30 vehicles with items - to unlock features and explore in search for hidden blueprints.


  • Car Combat – Select from more than 30 unique post-apocalyptic style vehicles to experience the ultimate ride in vehicular combat

  • Drive to Survive – Destroy your opponents throughout three enormous living and destructible cities

  • Interactive Chaos – Run over, impale, shoot and splatter both innocent and armed pedestrians in multiple ways, inciting riots

  • Dynamic Reputation System – Gain the necessary reputation to work your way up from a vagrant to an overlord and develop a gang following that will provide additional protection

  • Post-Apocalyptic Earth – Face-off against seven rival gangs, killing the members of some while gaining the respect of others

  • Unlock Features – Collect salvaged parts from destroyed vehicles to unlock hidden items such as nitrous thrust, armor plating and death match arenas

  • Search and Recover – Participate in scavenger hunts and find the blueprints necessary to build the ultimate weapons and vehicles
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Jun 15, 04 3:12am
Yes it's a GTA/Twisted Black rip-off, but it's a good game in it's own right RoadKill GBA
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