Rayman features over 60 levels of side-scrolling comic animation play. Mr.Dark has kidnapped the inhabitants of the world which give Rayman his energy. Now it's up to Rayman to free the Toons from their cages and prepare for the final battle against Mr.Dark.


  • "Miami Vice Undercover" featurette
  • "Miami & Beyond: Shooting on Location" featurette
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An underrated game, in my opinion. Beautiful graphics, nice music, and it's freaking hard. And that's why I love it. Did alllll of it... Rayman PSX
a good playable version from rayman the great escape Rayman PSX
I hate this game, but i have had it for ages. Rayman PSX

Rayman is a rather good game but includes LOTS of frustarating levels, almost none of...

Why the hell did i buy this Rayman PSX
Just a Rayman 1 remade Rayman PSX

I like Rayman games, but I didn't really like this one. It's just too hard. I've had...


Graphics: Some of the best graphics on the console, brilliant looking characters and...

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