Pairs of colored blobbies, called "puyos," fall from above and will stick to like colors when they land. Linking up four or more causes them to disappear, triggering chain reactions, and the inevitable combos.


  • Over 18 frenzied levels of puzzle gameplay.
  • Compete against 15 wacky characters, each one tougher than the last.
  • Go head-to-head against up to 4 players on one Game Pak.
  • Frustrate your opponents by filling their playfield with Block Puyo.
  • Master the art of Chain Combos to rack up the points

Editor's Note:

Known as "Puyo Puyo" in Japan.

Added on: November 05, 2001

Nakoruru owns Puyo Pop
Sep 28, 04 6:56am
added a cheat
Jul 02, 02 6:04pm

This game is good puzzle game. It's pretty popular in Japan. But I wish the story was...

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