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Trend Jun 16, 08
It was a good review, but you didn't look at any of the good things. You only looked at the bad things, and some of the annoying things. It seemed like you threw a lot of your personal opinions in, and a review isn't supposed to be completely opinionated. I didn't see you say any good things, and you didn't explain why you thought it was bad. I think you should have gone over the positives. You act completely pessimistic in this, and act like you can't stand the serries. Much more could have been done.
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InsanityS Jun 16, 08
I didn't see you say any good things
I stated that the overworld looks nice, the music collection is good, it has a great item management system, the battle system is simple to understand, the whole catching pokemon process is good and exploration isn't particularly hindered by the HM system.

Perhaps some of this may have been less indepth than the negative parts, but I'm pretty sure they were mentioned.

and you didn't explain why you thought it was bad
I thought I covered this pretty well. Battle presentation is poor, psychic pokemon rule all, the battle setup is a bit too basic (play any other RPG and you'll find far more options for battles), critical hits and not knowing what pokemon opponenets will use can cause too many trips back to the nearest pokecenter, plsu the screwing up or complete removal of various features.

That said, I said the game on its own merits is average. The lower score is due to the recycling of the core gameplay from two past generations of games, which doesn't have the addictive quality to allow for it. An expansion of the dual battle system, less screwing up of key features and more type balance would have made this a solid game. So yes, the score is slightly bias based on my past experiences, but I feel perfectly justified in doing so since a gamer could just grab Sapphire/Ruby/Emerald and get almost the same experience, only more and better.

and act like you can't stand the serries
I finished the review stating I would go back and play Sapphire instead of this. Quite the opposite, I'm a long term fan of the series, which makes this installment of the series such an insult. Not that I'm sure why it would even matter. If someone can't stand a game then it is usually for a very good reason. That reason doesn't have to apply to everyone, but no game appeals to everyone.