Officially licensed by the NHL and the NHLPA, NHL Hitz 20-03 features even more visually stunning graphics, lightning-fast, adrenaline-style hockey animations, improved artificial intelligence, numerous all-new gameplay modes and realistic NHL attributes. As the only dedicated adrenaline-style hockey videogame franchise for next-generation platforms, NHL Hitz 20-03 showcases over-the- top 3-on-3 (plus goalies) gameplay with players who leap, glide, check, pass and score on would-be defenders.


NHL Hitz 20-03 suits up with bigger, stronger and faster players, as well as improved goalie logic, behavior, animations and control, which make it tougher to score. To add to the gameplay, NHL teams take on the same playing style as their real-life counterparts, while two-man motion capture animations provide gamers a more realistic view of the action. NHL Hitz 20-03 delivers enhancements to its signature, over-the-top play with more than 80 adjustable options for a truly customizable experience, plus secret arenas presented in a unique fantasy setting as well as hidden teams and special players to unlock along the way.


  • New Franchise Mode: A single-player franchise mode that enables the user to create a team and attempt to reach the rank of #1 in the world by winning games and completing mini games.

  • New Season Mode: In-depth stat tracking, player trades (with trade logic), full NHL calender and playoff tree.

  • Mini Games: There will be 6 new mini games that can be played as 1 player or versus.

  • International and NHL All-Star Teams.

  • In-depth Stat Tracking: Detailed stat tracking in all modes of gameplay.

  • New Fantasy Teams and Stadiums.

  • Stadium Enchancements: Increased rink size, players on the benches, coach at the bench, score clock and more.
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