The Professor's latest invention, the Pactro-meter, allows for travel between the four regions of Pac-Land. It's up to Ms. Pac-Man to save Pac-Land by retrieving the four Gems of Virtue. Ms. Pac-Man will need to clear more than 100 levels in the four different, 3D worlds and keep the gems of virtue out of the ghosts' hands.

To clear a world, Ms. Pac-Man most meet four objectives: chomp all the pellets, chomp all the fruit, get a certain number of points and make it though the maze in a set amount of time. Once you complete a maze, you open up a new one. However, if you fail in any of the four objectives, you will need to replay the level until you meet all four.

The Pac for the 21st century doesn't just chomp. Ms. Pac-Man must figure out a number of puzzles in order to finish the maze. Mostly she does this by pushing crates. Some fill holes. Some provide explosives. If she ever runs into trouble, she can reset the blocks and try again.

More than ghosts plague Ms. Pac-Man. All sort of creatures and falling objects stand between her and her beloved fruit. Most other enemies are chompable after you eat a Power Pellet, but there's no chomping a rolling boulder.


  • 3D environments in four mythical worlds
  • More than 100 mazes
  • Up to four players can play
  • Multiplayer game modes
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6.5 / 10