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A year has passed on Age Island since Monster Rancher Advance. Holly, the renowned top breeder from First International Monster Breeder's Association (FIMBA) is getting restless in her position as Top Breeder. Now she requires your help in monster breeding. Create a monster with words, then raise it through a process of training. The ultimate goal is to win all of the tournaments for which your monster is eligible. Unlock secret expeditions, levels and monsters.

Editor's Note:

Titled "Monster Farm Advance 2" in Japan.

Added on: November 15, 2002

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Like the previous MRA (Monster Rancher Advance), this is a great game for those who...


This is an awesome game. Vastly improved over MRA(Monster Rancher Advance, to you...


This game is my first of the MR series and I love it! It is one of the best games...


I suggest this product to everybody who lkes to have fun.You should get every monster...


-this review is actually for monster rancher 1, the game i MEANT to make a review...


Tecmo's Monster Rancher Advance 2 borrows a little from all the previous 7 Monster...

  • Genre: Tactical (GBA)
  • Developer: Tecmo
  • Publisher: Tecmo
  • Released
    North AmericaNov 17, 2002
    JapanOct 25, 2002
  • Also known as:
  • Monster Farm Advance 2 in Japan
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