Mother 3 is the sequel to Earthbound (Mother 2) that was released only in Japan. The main protagonist, Lucas, is a young timid 13 year old boy whose family was torn apart by a terrible accident which resulted in the death of his mother Hinawa and his twin brother Claus. He learns the gift of PSI from the strange but dependable Magypsies, but as he learns PSI Love he is given the mission of pulling the Seven Needles that keep the Dark Dragon sleeping and the fate of the world relies on who pulls it. Lucas who has a heart of pure thoughts, or the mysterious Masked Man who is controlled by an evil force...

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Sad. Very sad. If your a crybaby I recommend don't even get NEAR it. 10-10 Mother3Import GBA
Jesus in a GBA cart. Mother3Import GBA

Oh my lord what a fantastic game! This game is full of everything for everyone. Mother...


100% flawless! The story, The Game play and the music! It's hilarious! Heart warming!...

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