Mega Man Battle Network 2 Action Replay Codes

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Master Code (GBA) North America Master

This code must be on at all times.

7ebddb6c 1c7a42ff
b0e28908 90d1a2a6

Maximum Health (GBA) North America

This code gives MegaMan maximum health.

14e6ebf7 fab3790f

Maximum Zenny (GBA) North America

This code gives your character Maximum Zenny (money).

52697379 c5a481bb

All Sub Chips (GBA) North America

This code gives you all of and maximum sub chips.

de352b9c 9139f4a4
f55e6dca c82cf6af

Complete Library (GBA) North America

cc747e92 0f3af749
4eddccbf 938e4c78
001d4fcf 1e3d28f1
415bf277 7efeac16
2ea90242 44bcb6df
3487d00e 04f5118d
4fd6b714 c9cfa946
fd11f42a c6a2ab79
dcbbda2b e0c4fb16