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Enter the futuristic universe of Mega Man.EXE in this new adventure in the Battle Network series. There's a new net crime organization in town and its computer hacking has created a virus that's quickly gaining momentum. It's up to Mega Man.EXE, his pal Lan and friends to join the Net-battlers and win this new cyber battle. Stop it before it spreads!


  • New! Mega Man's abilities & looks evolve to suit your playing style
  • Hidden and more varied Battle Chips to discover& collect
  • TradeBattle Chips or challenge friends to events like tournaments via the Link Cable
  • Better graphics effects for Mega Man

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One of the best MegaMan games our there. MegaManBattleNetwork2 GBA
Beat Gospel, sold unfortunately :'( MegaManBattleNetwork2 GBA
Good game at the time. Once you beat it, it gets boring MegaManBattleNetwork2 GBA
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