Mega Man Battle Network 3 White Action Replay Codes

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Mastercode (GBA) North America Master

This code must be entered in order to use all other codes for this game.

BF2119F2 B767B4E9
0C54E4A4 2940C62E

Maximum HP (GBA) North America

When in use, this code grants the user with the highest possible amount of HP.

4A32449B 39562DBB
0FDF2720 DDDB0872

999999 Zenny (GBA) North America

Use this code to get the maximum amount of Zenny.

E1420DFE A6D3207A

Full Custom Gauge (GBA) North America

This code makes it so that the Custom Gauge is always full when in battle.

443CDD78 96282FAE

No Random Battles (GBA) North America

This code makes it so that you cannot encounter any viruses while on the Net.

92DF59D7 120C9CF8

9999 BugFrag Pieces (GBA) North America

This code will give you 9999 BugFrag pieces, for use with Chip traders or other Merchants.

D93F6B7D 285B7107

Cheap Chip Trader (GBA) North America

This code makes all Chip Traders sell all of their chips for extremely low prices.

DB38EB53 84CA6533

Delete Time 0:00 (GBA) North America

This makes all of your virus battles end with a 0:00 delete time.

8579D4A7 7A1982CA

Navi Customizer (GBA) North America

With this code, you will always have the Navi Customizer, regardless of the point you are at in the game.

A1A43A53 C5A40651

Complete Chip Library (GBA) North America

In order to put this code into effect, you have to first enable the code, turn off all other codes, then get into virus battles until you get you get a chip as a reward.

30E185BA D33A990C
A030E54F 3F62A255
79C73AF2 3551F8DC
94A61AC9 7C1B32B2
20437363 0B6584F2
39590E71 A77BDBC4
796A3906 BCC39939
D310B378 ACA44F1E