Metroid Fusion Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.7/10

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Metroid Fusion Reviews

website score publish date
PlayTM 92% Apr 05 '03
Thunderbolt 7/10 Oct 26 '05
Gamer's Hell 9/10 Mar 12 '03
GameSpot 8.6/10 Nov 15 '02
Gamespy 88/100 Nov 20 '02
IGN GameBoy 9.5/10 Nov 12 '02
Solinari Gaming 8.9/10.0 Nov 25 '02
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Metroid Fusion Previews

website publish date
GameSpot Aug 22 '02
GameSpot Nov 07 '02
IGN GameBoy Aug 22 '02
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Gamer's Hell on Mar 12 '03

"For a touch of nostalgia that still seems to be fresh, you really need to pick up Metroid Fusion. It may not be the longest Metroid game ever, but it is definitely worth the cost of admission."

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GameSpot on Aug 23 '02

"Metroid Fusion is shaping up to be more than a worthy sequel to Super Metroid. The story elements seem to be much more prevalent in Fusion than in any other Metroid game..."

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GameSpot on Nov 08 '02

"The game uses extremely smooth animation that's at least as good as in Super Metroid, and many of the same tried-and-true mechanics, as well as a similarly open-ended design. Fans of either the..."

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GameSpot on Nov 18 '02

"Metroid fans should absolutely get it, as should anyone willing to trade off some quantity for some serious quality in their gaming time."

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Gamespy on Nov 20 '02

"Though lacking in major gameplay innovation, Metroid Fusion is a tight adventure that should please most gamers."

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