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On her way to Planet SR388 with her exploration team, Samus's spaceship is attacked by an unidentified life form. Samus is mortally injured and loses consciousness. The life form attacks her and gnaws at her body-it is a parasitic creature, the "X."


  • Collect classic weapons and find many new items and elements that will help you work your way through the celebrated game play in this eagerly anticipated title.
  • Uncover new mysteries and a thrilling, dramatic story line that gradually unfolds during the course of the game.
  • Bursting with action, Metroid Fusion is being developed by the same team that created the earlier games.
  • Relive the same fantastic style of exploration that gradually unfolds and the same great play control that has defined Metroid games.
  • See Samus as she's never been before-with new items, new actions, new appearance.

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Nintendo is prioritizing their program to get Game Boy Advance titles available on the Wii U posted Feb 14, 14 2:04am

Awesome gameplay, awesome challenge, nice plot, epic game MetroidFusion 3DS
The final Bosses are nasty, but nothing I cant handle MetroidFusion 3DS
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