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It's been five months since their final battle with Dr. Wily. Lan and Mega Man return as 6th graders—eager to tell about their cyber adventures and return to the peace of every day life. Not likely! A suspicious-looking cyberbot lurks in the Net. This marks the beginning of a brand new and fierce cyberspace battle!

Play the RED SUN and BLUE MOON versions to experience separate story-lines, battle chips, enemies & strategies. Calling all Net Battlers!


Two new versions - Red Sun and Blue Moon.

New "Soul Unison" system- transforms Mega Man's abilities.

Trade programs, chips & have Network Battles with a Game Link® Cable.

Unique blend of action and RPG elements.

Win chips to dramatically upgrade Mega Man's fighting skills.

Two-player chip-trading and vs. modes with Red Sun or sister game Mega Man Battle Network 4: Blue Moon Game Paks
Debut of Soul Unison and Dark Soul system.

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Jun 01, 15 2:00am
I Can't Light The Cyber Torches On Sharo. I Have The Chips, They Just Won't Light Up. Can Someone Please Help? MegaManBattleNetwork4RedSun GBA
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My favorite of the series, I know just about everything about this game. MegaManBattleNetwork4RedSun GBA
Jul 07, 09 4:36pm
Beat Duo MegaManBattleNetwork4RedSun GBA
May 11, 09 11:03am
Got all souls. MegaManBattleNetwork4RedSun GBA
legendary one
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3 out of 5 MegaManBattleNetwork4RedSun GBA
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Megaman Battle Network is a popular franchise that's been going since 2001. It all...

Feb 01, 08 12:59am
not 4 sale MegaManBattleNetwork4RedSun GBA
Jun 24, 07 1:18pm
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Chaos Swordsman
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...Crap compared to the other battle networks MegaManBattleNetwork4RedSun GBA
Oct 10, 05 9:00pm

Let's get cracking.

Graphics - 9/10
I thoroughly disliked the previous 3 Battle Network...

Aug 24, 05 3:28pm
great game MegaManBattleNetwork4RedSun GBA
Chaos Swordsman
Jun 23, 05 10:01am
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