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It's been five months since their final battle with Dr. Wily. Lan and Mega Man return as 6th graders—eager to tell about their cyber adventures and return to the peace of every day life. Not likely! A suspicious-looking cyberbot lurks in the Net. This marks the beginning of a brand new and fierce cyberspace battle!

Play the RED SUN and BLUE MOON versions to experience separate story-lines, battle chips, enemies & strategies. Calling all Net Battlers!


  • Tournament style gameplay – The battle structure is based on lots that are drawn to determine who will challenge who, resulting in an endless combination of battles for expanded replay; Fight to win each game's respective final tournaments- Red Sun and Blue Moon.
  • "Soul Unison" system – Allows players to utilize special abilities from opponents' souls encountered in the tournaments.
  • "Dark Soul" system – Powerful, tempting chips that must be used carefully, otherwise Mega Man will be lost to the darkside.
  • Navi Customizer system – Allows players to customize Mega Man's abilities by assembling program parts in a memory map; Players must take care to follow rules and keep parts compatible, otherwise it will hamper progress.
  • Game Link Cable compatible to trade programs and chips, compare records and have Net battles with your friends, connect Red Sun to Blue Moon to trade Navis for expanded storylines, players of Red Sun can battle against those with Blue Moon and vice versa and collect Navis from your friends and host your own free tournament

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Megaman is an program installed on a PET, he is one of the main characters along with...

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