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This collection will have all eight games from the original Mega Man series on the Nintendo Entertainment System. It also includes two arcade games as a bonus feature.


Just like the original Mega Man games, this a side-scroller. Move Mega Man from left to right and have him destroy enemies.


10 Mega Man games on one cartridge!
Over 30 pieces of original artwork.
An interview with the creator Mega Man.
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This is a great compilation of the Mega Man games. MegaManAnniversaryCollection GC
Love the megaman series so i had to get it. MegaManAnniversaryCollection GC
I played this set of games when I was about 6 now I am 14 and love these games more than the X series MegaManAnniversaryCollection GC
ME WANT...when ever it comes out MegaManAnniversaryCollection GC
Megaman... ORIGINAL Megaman. If you grew up with him (as I did) and you have not bought this, I will come to your house and beat you... MegaManAnniversaryCollection GC
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