Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land Own / Want List

Username Comments
ChibiMousey None
Andy10003 None
Chad None
NinPower None
BlueFlameBob None
Night Kirby I lost the game. :(
InvaderHera None
Kirby1201 Beat the game 100% on Kirby, and Extra mode.
kvnkrbr99 I lost it!!!
Murray3 None
7 Dragon None
MusiKon None
Giga Bowser None
Oni 8 out of 10
Jax06 None
X10 None
Tornado Tonion None
SwordsLink None
ssy3 gotenks None
CrystalLaser None
SunnyDelight None
haruko05 None
WangChung None
InabyamaCastle Guard None
chaosinvader None
brandoni16 None
Glitzville None
Klonoas_Gurl cute
DTX None
hamstar138 None
Neon the Chao The pink puffball is back!
themanof_deception kirby!
Slashdragon Really fun Kirby adventure.
shade279 None
Capn Droid None
KaibasAngel None
Pipifax None
Nozzic None
WufeisMoonChild Pretty nice.
luckejessica None
KirbyHyrule None
elykcam_33 None
Darklink557 None
AR Code None
Fuzzy_LFA None
Nightmare Cupcake None
P1k_a R_aT3 None
SADES001 None
Pepsimax11 None