Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Own / Want List

Username Comments
Gotenks None
Empoleon1996 Kirby has some new friends in this one.I like how you can call on your friends in a bad situation.:3
Chad None
Kirby123 None
Night Kirby None
Spellcaster9301 None
X Naut Shroober Played it several times :D
MusiKon None
Giga Bowser None
JustonH None
SwordsLink None
arcanine22 None
pk_9584 None
Comic man The other 3 Kirbys didn\
DTX None
Linx84 None
hamstar138 None
Neon the Chao I love the fact that there are 4 playble Kirby in this game!
Shadow Kirby really fun!
shade279 None
Capn Droid None
KaibasAngel None
kvnkrbr99 ptetty fun
darkomega_ll None
luckejessica None
KirbyHyrule None
elykcam_33 None
griffin151mew None
ticklemonster None
Delighted None
Darklink557 None
Mametchi_The_Great None
AR Code None
i_am_kirby None
zeldageek None
Nightmare Cupcake None
P1k_a R_aT3 None
Coey890 None
Dee This game is okay
Trogdor_002 Story mode complete. All bonuses purchased.
Cupcake86 DA BOMB!!!
Lizz None
DXD None
yugioh master 999 None
islandruler None
Pgans None
Jay923 epic :D
Ugozima None
deadn00b2 None
Mister Noob None