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It’s an adventure so big, you’ll need four times the Kirby! The Mirror World has been invaded by a dark shadow, and Kirby’s going to need to call in for some backup this time. He’s been split into four Kirbys of different colors, and with his trusty cell phone, he can call up his colorful alter egos for a little help.


  • All new Copy Abilities! In addition to old favorites, try out all-new abilities, from the arrow-shooting Cupid to the melee moves of the Smash ability.
  • Call your friends! Using Kirby’s cell phone, call in some friends to help you find your way through the Mirror World. Play single player, or link up with your friends for a totally different experience!
  • Lightning challenges! Play lightning-fast sub-games like Crackity Hack and Speed Eaters single player, or grab up to three friends for some frenzied fun.

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Nov 02, 10 11:29am
epic :D KirbyandTheAmazingMirror GBA
Sep 09, 10 9:11am
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Jan 20, 10 8:51pm
Story mode complete. All bonuses purchased. KirbyandTheAmazingMirror GBA
Dark Silver
Oct 25, 09 4:10pm
Eh. It's okay, not GREAT, but okay. KirbyandTheAmazingMirror GBA
Oct 19, 09 1:42pm
what do i look like in the mirror KirbyandTheAmazingMirror GBA
Aug 31, 09 3:28am
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Jun 18, 09 11:10am
This game is okay KirbyandTheAmazingMirror GBA
Jun 06, 09 10:38am
i fight master hand and crazy hand and they are easy medium or hard etc. KirbyandTheAmazingMirror 3DS
Mar 16, 09 2:37am
DA BOMB!!! KirbyandTheAmazingMirror GBA
Feb 18, 09 7:49am
it's a very good game 4 kirby lovers. KirbyandTheAmazingMirror GBA
Nov 12, 08 8:21am
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Jan 27, 08 4:59pm
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Jan 12, 08 11:17pm
Kirby has some new friends in this one.I like how you can call on your friends in a bad situation.:3 KirbyandTheAmazingMirror GBA
Comic man
Jan 01, 08 12:51pm
The other 3 Kirbys didn\ KirbyandTheAmazingMirror GBA
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