Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 7.8/10

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Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Reviews

website score publish date 8.5/10 Feb 07 '05
1UP 6.9/10 Dec 07 '04
Game Chronicles Magazine 9.0/10 Jan 21 '05
GameAxis 8.1/10 Apr 06 '05
GameDaily 7/10 Dec 21 '04
Gamestats 82.9% Apr 05 '05
Portable Review 33/40 Feb 26 '05
RPGFan 95% Jan 06 '05 6.2/10 Mar 14 '05
Game Critics 7.0/10 Mar 16 '05
GamePro 10.5/15 Dec 07 '04
Gamespot 7.7/10 Dec 09 '04
Gamespy 4/5 Dec 08 '04
IGN GameBoy 8.0/10 Dec 13 '04
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Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Previews

website publish date
RPG Fan Oct 04 '04
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1UP on Oct 29 '05

"It is very tactical, though, and requires some brainpower to customize decks and learn the most effective card combinations."

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Game Chronicles Magazine on Feb 04 '05

"While Square Enix has had a few stumbles in the merger, you can still tell when they get behind something and really want a quality stamp on it. For story, gameplay and graphical tasty goodness..."

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IGN GameBoy on Dec 14 '04

"...the negative elements aren't really enough to bring down the enjoyment of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. The production value alone is worth the price of admission, and even with repeat..."

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RPGFan on May 09 '08

"CoM is a true marvel on the GBA. Rarely does a game come along that makes me want to continue after I have beaten it (twice!), and rarely does a portable game contain as much depth and polish as..."

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