Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Code Breaker Codes

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Master Code (GBA) North America Master

This code must be entered in order to use other codes for this game.

000064F1 000A
10001946 0007

A little warning! (GBA) North America

**for those who do reach reverse and rebirth and decide to use the riku codebreaker codes. there is a glitch! if you do use the codebreaker max cp and hp riku codes THEN everytime riku levels up the game crashes so HERE IS THE FIX:

level modifier
32039CB8 00??

use the above cheat to stop riku from leveling up so that you can carry on using the max hp and cp code. the ?? marks are there for any value you would like to put in. if you want riku at level 99 then replace the ?? with 63.

Hope ya like the cheats!!

Little extra (GBA) North America

Friends modifier:
32039D2C 00xx

All Cards + Premiums
4203A080 0000
00010232 0002
8203A4E4 0233
8203A4E6 0234
4203A4E8 8000
000101B3 0002

Max HP & HP Refill (GBA) North America

Max HP

82039CA8 03E7

Press "Select" while in battle to refill HP

72034000 0004
820331DC 03E7

Experience Codes (GBA) North America

Warning: Only use one of these at a time to prevent glitching of the game.

Only 1 EXP to level up

82039CB4 0001


82039CB0 423F
82039CB2 000F

Jiminy Cricket Journal Complete (GBA) North America

42039CE4 FFFF
00000010 0002
42039D04 0000
00000010 0002

Gain Level (Riku) (GBA) North America

This code allows you to gain a level by pressing Select and Up.


Infinite HP (Riku) (GBA) North America

This code automatically gives Riku an infinite amount of HP.