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A mysterious road streches out before our three friends; in every other direction, endless fields all the way to the horizon. After walking for what seems like days, they cme to a crossroads.

Pondering which way to go, Sora gazes up at the night sky and his thoughts turn to his long lost friends, the King, Riku and Kairi... Suddenly, a man in a black coat appears and says, "Ahead lies something you need, but to claim it, you must lose something dear". Before Sora can ask him what he means, the stranger vanishes, and when the trio look around, only one path remains for them to follow - a path leading to a castle.

Hoping to find their friends, Sora, Donald, and Goofy decide to explore this mysterious place, but like all such mysterious places, Castle Oblivion will not reveal its secrets lightly. And with every step they take, they do indeed lose something - their memories.

Soon, they meet a mysterious girl called Namine. Somehow she's the key to all of this. Perhaps she could help them... If only they could remember what it was they were looking for! Little do they know that far off in anohter part of the castle, Riku and the King are also exploring. What are they doing there and do they know that Sora and his friends are close by?


  • Use special cards to summon familiar characters from the original Kingdom Hearts.
  • Combine different cards for a variety of abilities, spells, combo attacks, and tactics.
  • Travel through highly interactive environments as you unlock doors and find treasures.
  • Meet over 100 of your favorite Disney and FINAL FANTASY characters.
  • Prepare for battle by raising your attributes through an innovative game system.

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I have this title, but i have yet to play it. KingdomHeartsChainOfMemories GBA
That whale level is impossible at the end. KingdomHeartsChainOfMemories GBA
Beaten Sora mode and stuck on the last boss in Riku mode :P KingdomHeartsChainOfMemories GBA
It was my first Kingdom hearts game, the Cards are tricky though KingdomHeartsChainOfMemories GBA
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