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In an attempt to take over the world, the evil Professor Calamitus has kidnapped the one person who could possibly stop him, Jet Fusion, movie star/super spy! But the Professor wasn't counting on a boy genius to help. Jimmy Neutron's been contacted by the BTSO: Big Top Secret Organization to rescue Jet Fusion. It's gonna take lots of brilliant inventions and secret gadgets to take on the Professor. Good thing Jimmy's mind is working overtime. So power up and get in on the only videogame that features the light ray, Jimmy Bot and more high-tech equipment only Jimmy Neutron could create!


In Jimmy Neutron: Jet Fusion, players will have access to high-tech gadgets and spy vehicles such as the Pulse Light Ray, Gust Buster Fan, Grappling Hook, Neutron Duplicator, Magentic Tuner, Jimmy Bot, Trajectory, and many others. Additional features include original voices from the television show, five unique worlds, and 16 different levels.


  • Multiple disguises for Jimmy to change into such as the Samurai, "Tomb Raider", Pirate, and others.
  • Tons of high-tech gadgets including Goddard in reconnaissance mode, the Jimmy Bot, Trajector, Supersonic chopstick hurler, the lava walker, and much more.
  • 5 worlds and 16 levels loaded with danger, spy missions, and inventions.
  • All your favorite characters from the television show including Jimmy, Carl, Sheen, Cindy, and even Nick
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