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This game is based on an adventure with Jimmy Neutron and an alien life-form stowaway. The alien starts cuddly and cute, but quickly becomes a ferocious beast with a voracious appetite for destruction. Once again Jimmy Neutron must use a revolutionary invention system to create some inspired gadgets to capture and contain the quickly multiplying alien attack. Stuffed with exciting action and brain-twisting puzzles.


Jimmy Neutron must create several inspired gadgets to capture and contain the multiplying alien attack. Players are able to create over 26 gizmos, 11 inventions, and four super inventions, and there plenty of additional secret gizmos hidden in each level as well. With the help of these gadgets, Jimmy makes his way through six episodes spanning 15 levels including Jimmy's Lab, Twonkus-3, The Neighborhood, Downtown, Retroland and the Final Showdown.


· Play as Jimmy Netron to stop an alien attack.

· Exciting action.

· Brain-twisting puzzles.

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