Ice Age for the GBA follows the events of the CG feature film by putting you in control of Sid the Sloth and Manny the Mammoth as they journey to return the human baby Roshan to the safety of the human camp.


  • A Fantastic Journey: Travel through 10 diverse environments.
  • Fierce Foes: Attack saber-tooth tigers, flip over hedgehogs, startle sleeping rhinoceros, and dodge bees and other dangerous creatures.
  • Fun Friends: Tusk-strike Squarts to get 5 extra nuts, float on stinky skunk fumes to float in the air, and hop on beavers for maximum lift.
  • Golden Nut Bonus: Compete each of the 10 levels with at least 40 nuts to receive a "golden nut." Collect all 10 golden nuts to unlock this bonus level.
  • Stomp, slide, lob big nuts, tusk-strike and carry Roshan safely on your back as the powerful Manny the Mammoth (7 levels).
  • Run, spin-attack, jump and slide as Sid the Sloth in high speed, intense action levels (3 levels)
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