: : : : : The Haunted Mansion


This title is based on the movie and the thrill ride at Disney's Theme Park. You must explore a haunted mansion while solving puzzles and uncovering hidden clues. Do your best to release the souls of the 999 ghosts that are trapped there before you become one yourself. This game will utilize new 2D/3D effects never seen before on the GBA and is designed to appeal to both adults and children.


  • Upgradeable weapons and powers.

  • Rooms that have been faithfully recreated from the Haunted Mansion Ride and movie.

  • A dozen enemies and over twenty ghosts from the ride to interact with.

  • Navigate Disney's Haunted Mansion: Game environments are inspired by the movie and the ride.

  • Interact with the dead: Run, jump, and climb and interview ghosts as you attempt to rid the mansion of evil spirits.

  • Release 999 souls: Rescue the trapped souls before you become one.

  • Solve 24 unique puzzles: Uncover hidden clues, passageways, and secrets.
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