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In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry returns for his fifth year of study at Hogwarts and discovers that much of the wizarding community is in denial about the teenager's recent encounter with the evil Lord Voldemort, preferring to turn a blind eye to the news that Voldemort has returned. Fearing that Hogwarts' venerable Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, is lying about Voldemort's return in order to undermine his power and take his job, the Minister for Magic, Cornelius Fudge, appoints a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher to keep watch over Dumbledore and the Hogwarts students. But Professor Dolores Umbridge's Ministry-approved course of defensive magic leaves the young wizards woefully unprepared to defend themselves against the dark forces threatening them and the entire wizarding community, so at the prompting of his friends Hermione and Ron, Harry takes matters into his own hands. Meeting secretly with a small group of students who name themselves "Dumbledore's Army," Harry teaches them how to defend themselves against the Dark Arts, preparing the courageous young wizards for the extraordinary battle that lies ahead.


  • Discover the real Hogwarts
    Find and recruit the members of Dumbledore's Army, explore the Hogwarts from the movie and discover its magical secrets. Talk to the portraits, complete their missions and gain passwords for shortcuts around Hogwarts. The player can interact with virtually everything they come across, gain discovery points and unlock secrets in the Book of Rewards.
  • Attend Hogwarts classes
    Go to Hogwarts classes to earn O.W.L. grades and write your final exams: Herbology, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, History of Magic, Transfiguration, Divination, Astrology and Potions.
  • Play Wizard Games
    Compete in Exploding Snap and Chocolate Frogs games throughout Hogwarts and challenge the best from each house.
  • Flying
    Play exciting games of Quidditch.
  • Experience the movie in the game
    Play the key moments from the movie, from the Dementor attack in Little Whinging to the ferocious battles at the Ministry of Magic. Experience the most authentic-to-the-movie game experience in Harry Potter videogame history: the castle is built from the same blueprints used to build the movie sets; actual movie assets were referenced to create a more authentic feel; many of the movie's actors have been head scanned; and the key Harry Potter music theme can be heard in this videogame.
  • Play other favorite characters
    Play as Sirius Black to protect Harry as you confront Bellatrix Lestrange and Lucius Malfoy in the Ministry of Magic. Play as Dumbledore in his momentous final confrontation with Voldemort.

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Swagat and 14 others own Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
May 27, 13 11:17am
I didn't enjoy the story in this one as much It just didn't touch me much 7/10 HarryPotterandTheOrderOfThePhoenix
walnuts blogged
Mar 29, 12 3:42am

Well, due to a very good friend of mine, I'm actually in a fair bit of a Harry Potter mood at the moment. I'm the first to admit that I'm no fanboy about it, but, well, I did grow up with it, and I loved it to pieces. Anyway, it's inspired me to sit down and read the books again. Alas, but there is one problem with that: I don't have all of the books! I've got the first 3-4, but my older sister used to buy the books, and thus took them with her when she moved out. I'll have to coax her to let me borrow them at some point. Meanwhile, I'm on the hunt for a really awesome set that I can buy and display on my bookshelf. My first preference would be an awesome, leatherbound set, but after much searching I don't believe it exists, or if it does in VERY limited quantities. Alas, I shall keep searching, but one day I'll treat myself and buy the whole collection. No prizes for guessing who my favourite character is. The Potions Master himself, Professor Snape. Too awesome for words, and Alan Rickman nailed the depiction perfectly in the movies.

My day was pretty standard today, just some work and plodding through the motions. However, soon to change as I dive headlong in to the exam timetable for Term 2. It never stops.

Also saw that the new Transformers game Fall of Cybertron released a new trailer today. Looks awesome as always:

Such a crying shame that it isn't being released on the PC, but them's the breaks! I'll see if I can catch the story on Youtube once it's released.

Anyway, on a closing note I've got myself a new favourite shirt. I've technically had this shirt for a while, but I've finally slimmed down enough to a point where it doesn't look ridiculous on me:

Looks and feels awesome :>!

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FireDancer97 and 2 others played Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Jan 04, 11 1:01pm
compleated order of the phoinix and half blood prince in 3 days! HarryPotterandTheOrderOfThePhoenix PC
Black Pikmin123
Aug 05, 10 5:11pm
...I lie. I owned this once upon a time, then my mom decided to break the witchcraft with a hammer. And scissors. No joke. >> HarryPotterandTheOrderOfThePhoenix
Mar 12, 10 3:28pm
The only part I really like about this game is cursing Slytherins AND Gryffindors and exploring the completely recreated Hogwarts (which... HarryPotterandTheOrderOfThePhoenix
Feb 20, 10 8:00am
So many people die in these books! Great read anyhow! HarryPotterandTheOrderOfThePhoenix
Feb 20, 10 7:43am
Woop! Voldermort scares me... He has no nose! XD No Mr.Black cannot die! HarryPotterandTheOrderOfThePhoenix
Triforce of Wisdom
Feb 16, 10 1:38pm
This is my second-favorite, but I hate how Harry is mad at everybody. HarryPotterandTheOrderOfThePhoenix
Nov 17, 09 11:39am
easy enough HarryPotterandTheOrderOfThePhoenix
Oct 23, 09 6:49am
The Shadow
Oct 20, 09 2:34pm
Didn't like it. In fact I hated it. Way to childish. HarryPotterandTheOrderOfThePhoenix
Jul 26, 09 4:37am
I am doing cheats. I have just finished Luna Lovegoods lost possesions and now I have no idea what to do. Can someone help? HarryPotterandTheOrderOfThePhoenix PC
Jul 22, 09 4:44am
Jul 14, 09 12:14pm
"We've all got both light and dark inside of us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That's who we really are." -Sirius Black HarryPotterandTheOrderOfThePhoenix
Jul 12, 09 3:55pm
Damn. May I say it again: Damn. Neighborhood Mother's Association, Make Room for Imelda Staunton!! HarryPotterandTheOrderOfThePhoenix
elder rose
Jun 28, 09 4:26pm
sucks that sirus died HarryPotterandTheOrderOfThePhoenix
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