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Hajime No Ippo: The Fighting is based on a manga (comic) which has recently been experiencing great popularity due to a successful PS2 game and popular anime. Having secured the rights to the franchise for PS2, ESP wanted to captialize on this success for GBA outing. To develop this title they turned to long-time co-conspirator Treasure, who have built a very strong reputation for themselves during their 10 year lifespan, especially among the critical press and hardcore community. The game marks Treasure's second outing on the GBA, and first venture into the boxing genre.


The game is set completely in first person. You do not see yourself, but only disembodied boxing gloves which deliver your blows. Sound familiar? Well it should. Mejesco's Boxing Fever, a compotent Punch Out derivative, tried this last year with decent results. But whereas the camera in Boxing Fever was constantly in motion, bobbing up and down and following your punches (very dizzying) Ippo uses a more fixed camera. This works to its advantage because of the fast pace of the game.
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